Almost forgot this blog.

This blog is actually the first blog I started under my new name: Chastity

Originally this was going to be a place mostly for sharing beautiful dresses and things like that. I still like dresses and clothing that is considered to be more feminine. In fact I was tying bedsheets together trying to turn them into a dress when I was a teenager. It’s hard for people to understand why I am this way and it’s also one of the things that led to me discovering my transgender identity.

But really I wish for a world where anyone can wear dresses and are not labeled a cross dresser,drag queen, or transgender just because they wore something associated with something women where even though they are a biological male.

In fact, for the cover of my new book I actually designed this picture.

I used a public domain image of a horse and a little girl. This is because the little girl more closely resembles how I feel because an adult male or female is nothing like me at all. Instead I am childlike and no matter how old I am physically I still retain a mindset much like young children.

And unicorns are usually associated with cartoons and movies designed to appeal to little girls. But I like unicorns and all horses too.

In fact, the idea of a unicorn appearing to a little girl in a dream world is far from original. But this is probably the first time in history where the girl happened to have been born in the body of a boy. My book will cover much about my past and challenge gender stereotypes and religious ideas all while being inspired by many cartoons such as My Little Pony, the Last Unicorn, and Sailor Moon. All these meant a lot to me and obviously played a part in how I wrote my book.


I am aware of the controversy surrounding vaccines but my statement on the matter is that I will always oppose the idea that vaccines should be mandatory. I do not want vaccines forced on me because this would violate both my bodily autonomy and my vegan ethics. My own life is not so important that I would support the testing or murder of animals used to produce vaccines. And neither is your life that important, not to me anyway. I do not believe vaccines save human lives and even if they did, I still choose the other animals over humanity. Fewer humans means less harm to them.

Style Savvy Fashion Forward

I recently discovered what is possibly the most awesome game for the Nintendo 3DS ever made! This game lets me interact with characters, pick out clothes for them at my shop, style their hair according to their requests, and even do their makeup. I’m actually learning a lot about different fashion and clothing terms just from playing. My favorite part so far seems to be messing around with their hair. I also love being able to dress my own character with any of hundreds of dresses available in the game.

Here are a bunch of pictures from this game. It’s really awesome and apparently a lot of other people like it too.

Why V Necks are Evil

Far too many shirts and dresses for women have V neck designs. You probably know what I mean. The type of clothing designed to show as much of her chest and breasts as possible but also still be considered legal. This type of hypocrisy is my biggest criticism of women’s clothing.

Of course if you like wearing them because you WANT to have everybody staring at your boobs then by all means continue. However I believe a lot of women probably don’t wear these types of shirts or dresses for that purpose but just because it’s the way almost all of them were designed. You might even have to go to Amazon or a special clothing store to find a dress that covers your body. If you’re looking for a shirt that covers you, you can of course wear men’s shirts but the colors are usually ugly and they’ll look very baggy in most cases because men are generally bigger than women.

So in case you were not aware, V necks were probably designed by men who wanted to look at your boobs. If you don’t like this then you might want to make the extra effort to find something less embarrassing.

And in future posts I plan to share pictures of nice looking dresses that are probably cooler looking than anything you would find at a local store. The internet has a lot of cheaper dresses with more material!

Purpose of this Blog

Hello my name is Chastity and I started this blog to talk about dresses, fashion, video games, beauty, and stuff like that. I have a lot of opinions about what I would like to see in fashion and women’s clothing. I have noticed something of a trend that has been happening my whole life and probably throughout history. So much of the concept of beauty is tied to the idea that women should wear less clothing and be naked and sexual. I think we all know this to be true but not everybody has the guts to criticize this idea.

I personally love dresses and think that the idea of a dress is one that covers the body in a beautiful design or pattern. I look at clothing as an artistic expression of a person. However people spend so much time trying to wear clothing that is accepted by society. I would like to see a big change. I want people to wear what looks and feels great to them rather than doing it to be accepted by friends, family, or to seduce heterosexual men.

People may not like my opinions and so I am trying to express them here but give very little information about who I am and where I live. I don’t want the fashion industry trying to murder me over the controversy my honest opinions may cause!